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Swiss Casino Provides Progressive Jackpots




S Casino ( Formerly Swiss Casino ) Progressive Games

Play Progressive Games at S CasinoProgressive casino games keep a running jackpot. Even if you lose, you can win big later.


Perhaps the most reliable of casino games for players that like to come away as winners, Blackjack is as simple to win as it is to play. You get two cards, and you can take new ones one at a time to get as close to 21 as you can without going over. You don't have to beat any other players to win, just the dealer. And if you lose, then your cash goes into the jackpot and you can play to win that pot on the next round.

Jacks or Better

For players that prefer poker to Blackjack, Jacks or Better is the game for you in the Swiss Casino's progressive games. Unlike a regular game of poker though, Jacks or Better offers you ten simultaneous hands and a doubling option that can really make you a big winner if you play your cards right. Unlike many other games, this one may only be played for real money and not for the fun of the game itself.

Diamond Valley

The slot machine is one of the oldest “stand by” of the gaming world, and Diamond Valley offers one of the biggest chances at a huge payoff that the progressive games section has to offer. With multiple reels and a variety of ways that you can win, each spin offers you better odds to walk away a winner, and even better odds of walking away a jackpot winner. The more you play, the better your chances of taking these diamonds to the bank is.

Wall Street Fever

This slot machine is no bigger risk than playing the actual stock market, and there's an even better chance that players will walk away with more, rather than less, money. With five lines and five reels, this slot offers you the best chance to make that winning combination and to get back whatever money it is you laid down on every spin. A guarantee that you will never get from the actual Wall Street markets.

Mega Jacks

If you are a high roller that likes to wager it all on a single hand of cards, then Mega Jacks is definitely the Progressive Jackpot game for you.  Play one single hand of poker at a time, and try beat the odds.

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Last Updated 8 November 2013
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Swiss Casino Provides Progressive Jackpots