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Poker Players Leading on the Flop and Turn

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Poker | Leading on the Flop and Turn

Often known as Donk-Betting, leading is an act where you make the first bet from out of position when you are not the original raiser.

It is a move that is less common than the continuation bet, but nonetheless can be very effective. Here are two examples of:

Example 1: The action folds around to the player on the button and he makes standard raise. The small blind folds and you decide to call holding [Kx] [Qx].

The flop is [Kx] [5x] [4x] and you decided to check-call the flop continuation bet. The turn is the [6x] and this is now a good time to lead.

The board has increased the likelihood of straight draws and so it is a good idea to bet for protection. This line also looks like a bluff and so your opponent may call with a worse hand, such as a pair of nines or tens.

Example 2: The action folds around the player in the cut off, who raises, and you make the call from the big blind holding pocket eights. The flop is [Tx] [4x] [5x] and you lead for three-quarters of the pot.

This lead is designed to protect your hand and to prevent your opponent making moves with air. It is so difficult to play a hand like this out of position and, therefore, the best approach is to get the work done on the flop.



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Leading on the flop and turn