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Gambling Searches Are Down But Bingo Still on Top

According to a report published by Deloitte, on behalf of the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB), British gamblers spend £2.3bn per year on gambling, yet despite this astronomical sum of cash, online search requests for gambling related words and phrases are decreasing.



A UK digital marketing agency carried out a 12-month review of consumer habits, to see what types of gambling references they were typing into Google UK. The results were not positive.

Gaming related searches for the month of July topped 995,830, which was a decline of 34% when compared to the 1.5m searches that were input in June. This made it the biggest drop in comparable searches since August 2012.

So, what words were being used the most often?
In terms of unique online gaming sectors, it was the casino sector that held the most interest with 35% of overall searches being casino related; sports betting followed at 31%, bingo was 18% and poker was last with just 16%.

When it came to the most popular words, it was bingo that held the top spot with 60,500 searches. Here is the top ten:

1. ‘bingo’ (60,500 searches)
2. ‘online casino’ (60,500 searches)
3. ‘casino’ (49,500 searches)
4. ‘poker’ (33,100 searches)
5. ‘no deposit casino’ (33,100 searches)
6. ‘bet’ (33,100 searches)
7. ‘poker hands’ (22,200 searches)
8. ‘bingo sites’ (22,200 searches)
9. ‘betting calculator’ (18,100 searches)
10. ‘free bingo’ (18,100 searches)

In terms of bingo gambling operators in the paid listings it was William Hill who were the most visible from an advertising perspective with 75% of visibility.

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