Blackjack Tips and Strategy

Blackjack Tips and Strategy

Blackjack Tips - Throughout the 20th century, when many books on blackjack strategies were published and players have learnt how to
beat the house, blackjack became one of the most popular casino games.

But, as a response to that, the casino owners tried their best to reestablish their advantage and thus introduced more playing decks and other
methods that would make winning less accessiblefor gamblers.


Despite all these measures, blackjack is still a very profitable game. And you can see this for yourself if you apply a strategy and several tips. As you already know, at the beginning of the game you are dealt two cards. If your first two cards are of the same value you may want to consider splitting them, rather than playing them as one hand, as you are used to. You should split them and double your winning odds by doubling your bet and playing two separate hands. It’s always good to split when the dealer’s face up cards is of an equal or lower value than yours. However, this is not recommended if your cards are 10s and 5s or in some cases face cards.

The rules in all casinos are especially created not to give the dealer many options. So, in most casinos, it is compulsory for the dealer to keep taking cards until he reaches at least 16. This is why you shouldn’t stop taking cards until you reach 17, to make sure that you can win. If your hand is lower than 17, you should hit if the dealer’s face up card is an ace or another cards from 8 through K. In such cases, it is unlikely that the dealer will bust.

Doubling down is probably the most important thing in blackjack if you use it appropriately not only because it helps you take advantage of a dealer’s bust, but also because it helps you turn your good cards into a fortune. This means that, when you expect the dealer to bust, judging by his showing card, or when you are really close to making a 21, you should double down.

On the other hand, being a wise gambler means knowing when to admit defeat. In games where more than 4 card decks are used and the dealer has to stand on a soft 17, if his up card is a 10 while your hand is 15, you should give up. This also applies when his up card is an ace, a 9 or a 10 and your hand value is 16.

Of course, it’s hard to learn all these tips by hard and remember them when you need to apply them at the table, when your money is at stake. This is why you should do your homework at home, take a deck of cards and experience these situations until you consider yourself prepared to face them for real. This way the choices you are going to make will be the right ones; you will be more self confident and you will know that what you will have done is right.


Last Updated 29 January 2017


Blackjack Tips