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Monte Cristo in a Genre of its Own

Monte Cristo SlotIt was the French author, Alexandre Dumas, who introduced the world to the tiny island of Monte Cristo. 

The legendary Three Musketeers author wrote an adventure novel called The Count of Monte Cristo in the nineteenth century, starring a protagonist called Edmond Dantes in search of the legendary treasure of the Spada family.

The software giant Cryptologic have just created a casino game that is so innovative, it may just need a genre of its own. 

The game screen is set against the backdrop of an underground chamber, and the game takes place inside a square that contains wooden boxes, bricks, gems, and treasures. 

You make your bet and then press play, like you would in a normal slot machine, but instead of reels you get a bouncing ball.

Once the play button has been pressed, the ball pings around the square smashing wooden boxes until it hits a cash or booby prize. 

The game is very reminiscent of the 1976 arcade game created by Atari, known as Breakout. In fact, Breakout was a game that was inspired by the classic arcade game known as Pong, and both games influence and style can be seen in Monte Cristo.

Monte Cristo is both new and old. It is a strange slot machine concept with its origins based in classic arcade game culture. With various maps to divulge yourself in, Monte Cristo will keep you entertained for hours on end.



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Monte Cristo Slot